Dedicated to Criminal Defense

Dedicated to Criminal Defense

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Passion. diligence. experience.

Whether it's you or a loved one, being charged with a crime or a serious motor vehicle offense can be incredibly frightening, stressful, and overwhelming.  That is why it's important to have an attorney devoted to excellence, who is experienced, and who understands what's at stake.

At The Law Offices of Uri J. Roer, L.L.C., we’re committed to providing the highest quality legal representation. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, attention to detail, and our relationships with our clients. 

Our Promise

At our firm you will receive attentive, responsive, and honest legal work. We will always provide you with an honest assessment of your case, your options, and the risks involved. Most importantly, we will spend as much time as needed to answer all of your questions. As the client, you should understand the entire process and have all of your questions answered. We are committed to ensuring that you are fully informed of the various factors of your case, and that you are an active collaborator in your defense.


Areas of Practice


Criminal defense

A criminal conviction is a life altering event. The Law Offices of Uri J. Roer, L.L.C. understands exactly what's at stake, which is why we limit the practice of law to a few select areas. We believe in being excellent in specific areas of law and not average in many.


Municipal court & Traffic

Going to court can be overwhelming, intimidating, and incredibly frustrating. While municipal and traffic court may appear less formal, it’s anything but. Whether it's a traffic ticket, a disorderly person’s offense or a petty disorderly offense, the only person looking out for you is you. We will take all the stress, frustration, and worry off your hands.              


criminal appeals

While an appeal means something has already gone wrong, it doesn't mean that your case is over. It does, however, mean that your appeal must be a priority requiring patience, time, and the ability to painstakingly review your file. No matter what happens, we can guarantee that we will know your case better than you do . 


municipal court appeals

With only twenty days to file a municipal appeal, time is of the essence. At our firm your case will be handled both promptly and efficiently.  



Whether it’s your first time or you have previously been convicted of a DUI, the consequences of conviction are very real and stressful. Coupled with the speed that DUI cases proceed through the legal system, you have the perfect ingredients to feel lost and overwhelmed, and to make potentially poor decisions. That is why hiring an experienced attorney as fast as you can is essential.


domestic violence 

As the defendant, particularly if you're male, you start off with one hand tied behind your back. Too often, restraining orders are used as weapons in Family Court proceedings. Make no mistake though, the consequences of a judge issuing a final restraining order are great. We understand not just how the process works, but also how courts view these cases and what’s required to mount a successful defense.